Condenser & Chiller Services provides complete shell and tube heat exchanger support

Chemical Processing

CCS Inc. specializes in providing Eddy Current testing, Belzona Coating, Mechanical and Chemical cleaning, Retubing, and Remote video inspections on all types of copper, cupro-nickel, brass, titanium, and 300 series stainless alloys in process cooling water systems. As an example, many factories use steam and or turbines to produce power, run pumps, compressors etc. The discharge steam typically goes into the shell of a surface condenser. The process cooling water system is provided from an outdoor cooling tower that condenses the steam so that it can recirculate back to the boiler.

Due to the heat exchange process in the surface condenser, scale develops and the tubes need to be cleaned on a regular basis.    

CCS Inc. can provide chemical and mechanical cleaning on any heat exchanger in your facility utilizing Rydlyme® © cleaning products.  CCS Inc. can fabricate, rebuild, and retube all types of heat exchangers using all grades of stainless steel, brass, cupro-nickel, titanium, or any other alloy that may be needed.

We hold ASME U and ASME R certifications for manufacture and repair of new and used heat exchangers.

Contact CCS for your eddy current testing, process cooling water systems, and chemical cleaning needs.  Or call us at 800-356-1932.