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API Ketema

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We regularly provide Eddy Current testing, complete retubing and or Belzona coating on Ketema heat exchangers and condensers. Typically they are model numbers such as AHE or AHX for commercial applications and MHX for marine applications. We make the replacement tubes for these heat exchangers and condensers in either copper alloy 122 or 90/10 cuni. We can also upgrade them to 70/30 Cuni for harsh marine applications. Many Coast Guard, NOAA ships and commercial tankers have these type of units. 

Ketema also has a line of DX evaporators from 25 ton to 300 ton. These units are listed as DXT models.  As an example a DXT-1208-S-2P-2C is a 100 ton capacity dx evaporator. It is 12” in diameter and 8 feet long. We make the copper replacement tubes for these units and regularly retube them either in our shop or in the field. We remanufacture them with polypropylene baffles to eliminate the mechanical wear issues and help fight internal shell corrosion that almost always effects the tubes.

Case Study:

Ironwood Vineyards, Central California. This evaporator failed from freeze damage and the tubes twisted inside the vessel causing premature wear. We retubed the unit in our shop, installed new poly baffles and new turbo chill tubes with a 1 year warranty.  

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