Condenser & Chiller Services provides complete shell and tube heat exchanger support

Power Plant Cooling

CCS Inc. has been involved in the asset recovery from many major shutdowns in all types of power plant cooling systems  across the US.  Los Angeles Dept of Water & Power, PG&E Northern. California, Colorado Springs Utilities, Montana Dakota Utilities, Thermal Energy, Cal-Pine, and more. 

We have provided all materials and labor for complete retubing work on surface condensers and heat exchangers in power plants ranging from 200 tubes up to 20,000 tubes.  CCS Inc can provide retube tooling for the sites that  prefer to do it themselves.  We also provide non destructive eddy current testing on all heat exchangers/condensers in the plant.  We perform the tube cleaning and high pressure water/air shooting of brushes thru large condensers with 10,000 tubes in just a few days. We can custom design or fabricate a completely new condenser, heat exchanger or lube oil cooler for your power plant cooling system needs. 

We offer all products to clean, both mechanically and chemically, any heat exchanger/condenser.  CCS Inc has been providing  all services related to tube and shell heat exchangers for over 30 years.

Contact CCS for your power plant cooling needs.  Or call us at 800-356-1932.