Condenser & Chiller Services provides complete shell and tube heat exchanger support

Chiller Retubing

Heat exchanger tubes in water cooled condensers can wear out for any number of reasons, from contamination to simple aging. Condenser & Chiller Services provides compete chiller retubing service for open- and closed-loop water cooled condensers. As retubing specialists, we can step in to perform heat exchanger tube replacement for maintenance contractors who don't typically perform this service.

No matter what your application, we can provide full-service, on-site retubing, including labor and materials. Our technicians will:

  • Remove old, damaged, or worn out copper tubing
  • Clean and prep the tube sheets, and haul away the old materials
  • Furnish the replacement tubes you need (or work with customer-supplied tubes)
  • Install the new tubes, and roll them in place using electronic torque controls
  • Assist you in pressure testing or hydro testing your heat exchanger or chiller
  • Evacuate, charge, and assist you to replace the heads and restart the unit
  • Recycle old tube materials and provide you with a salvage credit that can be deducted from your final bill

Condenser & Chiller Services can provide the replacement tubes you need, or work with tubing you supply. Whenever we retube a machine, we try to upgrade for greater energy efficiency. Thinner heat exchanger tube, with more FPI (fins per inch) and more capacity can give you significantly better performance from your system. We will work with you to find the ideal balance of efficiency and durability for your needs.

We stock a large inventory of Cal-Fin tubes, in a range of alloys. All prime surface materials meet ASME B111 or ASME B543 specifications.

To lower overall retubing costs, we also provide eddy current tube analysis to help you identify which tubes need to be replaced. In hundreds of cases, only the damaged or worn-out tubes can be isolated and replaced through this process, leaving the good tubes behind. We can bring your heat exchanger back to 100% capacity at a reduced cost by partially retubing the unit savings thousands of dollars.

Contact Condenser & Chiller Services today for more information or to schedule an appointment for chiller retubing.