Condenser & Chiller Services provides complete shell and tube heat exchanger support

DX Chiller Tubes

Chiller tubes are typically used in DX chiller systems. Unlike most chiller tubes, these tubes are specifically designed so the refrigerant remains inside the tubes, while cooling water runs over the outside. These tubes generally use far more internal grooves than other chiller tubing, so that the flow of refrigerant slows. Older DX style tubes also used "star inserts" to achieve this effect. Compared to other chiller tubing, these tubes also have a smaller O.D., ranging from 5/16" to 5/8", and thinner wall thicknesses under their finning enhancements, from .018" to .028".

Condenser and Chiller Services stocks replacement tubes for DX systems made by a variety of different brands. We are also one of the few existing shops that still manufacture DX tubes with star inserts in a variety of sizes and alloys, as well as both 5 and 7 star twist inserts. Our service department can also install replacement tubes at our Chino, CA facility, or on-site depending on the unit that requires repair.

Contact us, or call us at 800-356-1932 for more immediate attention, with the model of your equipment so that we can better assist you in the repairs of your condenser, evaporator, or heat exchanger. It is also possible to upgrade your tubes to even greater expand your equipment's efficiency. It is also possible to increase your heat exchanger tubes' efficiency by increasing the fins per inch, or I.D. rifling grooves to gain more surface area and pressure drop by keeping fluids in the tube longer.