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Donut Anodes

  • Donut Anodes
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Zinc is considered a reliable material, but is not suitable for use at higher temperatures, as it tends to passivate (becomes less negative); if this happens, current may cease to flow and the anode stops working.  Zinc has a relatively low driving voltage, which means in higher-resistivity soils or water it may not be able to provide sufficient current. However, in some circumstances — where there is a risk of hydrogen embrittlement, for example — this lower voltage is advantageous, as overprotection is avoided

Depending on the quality and conductivity of the water in your area Zinc is an excellent anodes for stopping and deterring erosion of your metal heat exchanger and condenser components

We stock Zinc Anodes in pencil type and donut type.

Pencils are in ½ and ¾ npt size and are 4” and 8” long to fit into condenser heads.

Donut Zinc anodes are 3-4-5-and 6” in diameter and 1.250” thick with a ½ hole for mounting on a stainless steel stud.