Condenser & Chiller Services provides complete shell and tube heat exchanger support

Absorbers Retubing

Heat exchanger tubes in absorbers take a lot of abuse: lithium bromide can be highly corrosive, air leaks can create ammonia or hydrogen that attacks the tubes and the internal components of the shell. The contaminant buildup and aging are all but inevitable in most absorbers. Condenser & Chiller Services specializes in full-service, inspection and on-site absorber retubing.   

We retube, service, and repair absorbers from most major manufacturers. Our retubing technicians:

  • Remove damaged, corroded, or worn out heat exchanger tubes
  • Clean and prep tube sheets
  • Furnish replacement tubes (or work with customer-supplied tubes)
  • Install new tubing
  • Assist in pressure testing the heat exchanger
  • Assist you to Evacuate, charge, and restart the unit
  • Recycle old tubing and provide you with a material salvage credit that can be deducted from your final bill

Condenser & Chiller Services carries a large inventory of top quality Cal-Fin tubes, including the longer tubes absorber systems require. Our tube is available in a range of alloys, all of which meet ASME B111 or ASME B543 specifications. We can supply the replacement tubes your system requires, or work with tubing you provide.

Every time we retube an absorber, we try to upgrade the tubing for better energy efficiency, and longer lasting tube materials. In most cases we always recommend to consider upgrading from the standard copper tubes to a 95/5 cuni or 90/10 alloy. This better materials is more resistant to chemical attack on the water side as well as the lithium bromide on the shell side of the tubes. 90/10 Cuni tubing is also better for an ammonia problem in machine, as it is not as prone to stress corrosion cracking.    We will work with you to find the right balance of efficiency and durability for your application.

To lower retubing costs, we also offer eddy current tube analysis. This process helps identify which tubes are damaged or worn out and in need of replacement, and which can remain in service. In many cases partial retubing requires less down time and can bring the machine back to 100/% tube capacity.

Contact Condenser & Chiller Services to learn more or to schedule an appointment for absorber retubing.