Condenser & Chiller Services provides complete shell and tube heat exchanger support

Hospital Air Conditioning

Hospital air conditioning uses liquid chillers in the same way commercial buildings or skyscraper offices do -- except these units, are more performance critical with the needs for sterilization, creature comfort, operating rooms, and huge laundry and kitchen facilities.

These facilities have centrifugal, screw and reciprocating type chillers, and many have large absorption chillers for their hospital air conditioning.  All hospitals have hot water, steam or fire tube boilers, hot water U-tube type heat exchangers and soft water systems. CCS can  inspect, service, clean and retube or Belzona® coat all of this equipment to make it operate more efficiently. We have provided these service for over 30 years at hundreds of University medical centers and Hospitals such as UCLA, USC , Oklahoma University Med Center, UC Davis, Loma Linda University, Kaiser Hospital, VA Hospitals, Desert Hospital, Doctors Hospitals and hundreds more in cities throughout the USA and in Mexico. 

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