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Brick Anodes

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Magnesium has the most negative electropotential of the three galvanic series and is more suitable for areas where the electrolyte (water) resistivity is higher. This is usually on-shore pipelines and other buried structures, although it is also used on boats in fresh water and in water heaters. In some cases, the negative potential of magnesium can be a disadvantage: if the potential of the protected metal becomes too negative, hydrogen ions may be evolved on the cathode surface leading to hydrogen embrittlement or to disbonding of the coating. Where this is a possibility, zinc anodes may be used.

Depending upon the water quality and conductivity in your area, Magnesium may be a better choice for your sacrificial anodes .

Our Magnesium anodes are stocked in brick sizes that are 8” x 4” thick. They are cast with 3/4” hole recessed in the middle. We also stock a 4” anode with a 5/8” hole size for mounting.

Brick AnodeWE can also provide large bar weld on anodes in either Zinc or Magnesium for power plant type condensers where sea water is flowing thru 10,000 tubes in huge water boxes

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