Condenser & Chiller Services provides complete shell and tube heat exchanger support

Food Processing

CCS Inc. is a provider of all types of stainless and carbon steel alloys.  We can retube and/or rebuild any and all types of ammonia type heat exchangers as used in cold storage facilities and ice skating rinks.

We retube U-tube bundles, water tube boilers, and ammonia chillers used in the food processing industry, Ice Rinks and for cold storage maintenance. 

CCS Inc. is the leader in providing specialized non destructive eddy current testing on all SST alloys. Many canneries and food processing plants use chillers for cooling after pasteurization. Some plants use chillers to control the environment during seasonal temperature changes.   CCS can clean and inspect your equipment before your production season starts.

Contact CCS for your heat exchanger needs in the food processing industry, especially in cold storage facilities and cold storage maintenance.    Or call us at 800-356-1932.