Condenser & Chiller Services provides complete shell and tube heat exchanger support

Standard / Alfa Laval

Standard condensers, flooded evaporators, heat exchangers and dx evaporators are very common in the industry. Standard has been in the business of building quality heat exchanger vessels in air conditioning and industrial applications for over 30 years.

We retube these units on a regular basis either in our shop or in the field. On many of the older condensers, they cannot be easily retubed without replacing the tube sheets. They were not made for repair. We repair them for many customers.

Standard Refrigeration has purchased Ketema and Alfa Laval has purchased Standard Refrigeration. We can repair all of their brands.

Standard/Alfa Laval is now also building condensers and flooded evaporators for Arctic chill and Multi-Stack.

We can clean, test, inspect, Belzona coat and retube any of them. We can also make the replacement tubes for them whenever required.

We regularly inspect, retube, clean or Belzona coat the following Standard / Alfa Laval units. FSX series dx evaporators, TXB and TXC type DX evaporators. All of their line of heat exchangers and freon condensers.

Please provide us your name, phone number, email address, location of equipment, model and serial# of equipment that you want us to help you with. Please provide a brief description of what you need or problems you are having with your equipment.