Condenser & Chiller Services provides complete shell and tube heat exchanger support

Tube Pullers

We sell tube pullers/extractors from manual 1-10 tubes to high speed hydraulic collet systems for removing a few hundred to a few thousand tubes if needed. If you have a project where you want to try and retube a unit on your own, We can provide you with all of the tooling for your project. We Carry cutters, spears, expanders, slide hammers, tube sheet hole brushes for all of your heat exchanger needs.

We are a stocking distributor of Airetool, T.C. Wilson and EGI retubing tools.

We can drop ship high speed retubing equipment right to your jobsite.

If you wish to have us retube your equipment for you, we have the equipment, tooling and expertise to complete the tasks in minimal down time.