Condenser & Chiller Services provides complete shell and tube heat exchanger support

Heat Exchangers Retubing

  • Heat exchanger retubing using 90/10 Cuni tubes.
  • Retubing s heat exchanger using 90/10 Cuni tubes.
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Heat exchanger tubes are constantly expanding and contracting as they heat up and cool down during normal operations. Depending on the application, salt water scale, calcium, lyme and other contaminants can compound the problem, leading to even faster deterioration. Over time, these factors inevitably lead to failure and the tubing must be replaced.

Condenser & Chiller Services offers complete, on-site heat exchanger retubing service. We retube, service, and repair heat exchangers from most major manufacturers. Our technicians:

  • Remove damaged, corroded, or worn out tubes
  • Clean and prep tube sheets
  • Provide the replacement tubes you need (or work with customer-supplied tubes)
  • Install new tubing
  • Assist in pressure or hydro testing the heat exchanger
  • Evacuate, charge, and restart the system
  • Recycle old tubing materials and provide you with a salvage credit that can be deducted from your final bill

We stock an extensive inventory of Cal-Fin tubes, in a range of alloy materials that meet ASME B111 or AMSE B543 specifications. We have u-bending capabilities to transform straight tube into the curved tubes many heat exchanger designs require. We can furnish replacement tubing, or work with tubing you provide.

In every heat exchanger retubing process, we try to upgrade the tubing for improved energy efficiency. In many cases a better alloy will give you a prolonged life span of the unit. We will work with you to find the right balance of performance and durability for your specific application.

To reduce the cost of heat exchanger retubing, we also offer eddy current tube analysis. An eddy current test will identify which tubes need to be replaced and which can remain in service.

Contact Condenser & Chiller Services for more information or to schedule an appointment for heat exchanger retubing.