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Pencil Anodes

  • Pencil Anodes
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Pencil Anodes are rods of solid metal, usually magnesium suspended in the condenser. The sole purpose of these rods is to slowly corrode away so that any exposed metal will not. Called sacrificial anodes, the rods sacrifice” themselves to protect the steel from erosion.

Pencil anodes are stocked in Zinc and are typically 2”-4” or 8” in length to fit into condenser heads. Pencil anodes are used for marine cooling systems on engines, generators, oil coolers, transmission coolers and heat exchangers. In the commercial environment, we use them for condensers and heat exchangers on all brands of chillers like Carrier, Trane, York, McQuay Daiken, Smardt, Dunham Busch, Multi Stack, Broad, Thermax and Sanyo. Pencil anodes are typically cast into a brass pipe plug in various sizes from 3/8” npt to 1” npt .  

We stock several sizes of pencil anodes for immediate shipment from our warehouse.

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